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Rulebook Website/Community - Breez - 07-10-2015

1. No spamming. This includes posting a bunch of links to advertise your site, etc. Showcase in the appropriate webmaster section.
2. Do not flame or harass other members. This includes "Trolling".
3. Do not send unsolicited private messages.
4. Please post new threads in the appropriate sections. Read the forum descriptions to help you know where to post.
5. No warez posting.
6. No illegal posts involving fraud, hacking tutorials or other harmful illegal activity.
7. +Rep users if they are positively contributing to the forum. It's there for a reason, so please use it when deserving.
8. Do not beg or harass members for additional +Rep. You may ask nicely via your signature or in your posts when warranted, but no begging.
9. No +Rep boosting. This includes making deals with other members to boost each others rep, etc.
10. Please respect other's privacy. If someone sends you a PM or shares something personally with you don't share it with others.
11. If you're going to copy news, etc. from other sites don't plagiarize. Write it in your own words. If you are unable to do that then you must provide a link to the source.
12. No pornographic or adult images.
13. Each user is permitted to have only 1 account. If you're caught using more than one your IP will be banned.

If you notice anyone breaking these rules then please report the post in which the rule is being broken. Thank you!