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Looking for Admins and other JOBS - Breez - 06-03-2016

As the title says it we are looking for admins, moderators, members, developers, news posters and maybe sponsor(s) to make this community bigger.

What do we need from you:

Quote:* Nickname:
* Name:
* Birthday:
* E-Mail:
* Country:
* Why do you want to join us: (give a good reason)
- Do not make topics with i want to join to become admin and that's it if you think, cause we will close your topics, we are looking for serious people!

- Do not begin subjects with i like to join but just like this [Admin] your username cause then we know why you like to join us.

WS is a gaming Community where people can post discussions on the boards and where you could post your story even if you are feeling sad or a place where you like to have fun.

After when we deciede with our team if you are in we would it let you known.
Create your topic in this section please

RE: Looking for Admins and other JOBS - Breez - 28-04-2016

it's up to you.