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Worldwide Soldiers Renewed website + Info - Breez - 12-06-2016

First of all, Welcome everyone.

This is the latest design for [Worldwide Soldiers] the logo's and fonts will be updated cause we figured out they will not load everytime.
If you find a bug/glitch with the website or something to suggest to us, please post it here we will be thankfull to you.

We will post our news on facebook, twitter, google+, twitch and maybe steam, in the future, so people will be informed on other social media.

The website has awesome features, like the index, and if you are logged in you see above your nickname, next of it a background and pattern and color changer, hopefully you like it? And next of that you can make the website bigger or smaller.

Emoticons will be updated aswell we want something new, same for the user ranks.


Servers are updated to 1.8 only availible for windows only, maybe in the future for linux users, we did not like the idea people use hack software, so that's why we changed our server version to update everything.

Teamspeak is opened for public, no password needed, feel free to join. Click here to join Teamspeak 3.

Info about the addon you can find here, this software is created by LNR

thank you all for reading this news, and see you soon on our gaming community!