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Update: 06/03/2016
Worldwide Soldiers has been working for weeks behind the scenes to make all of this possible for the public but we will tell you a few things what we've made done and what's on the todo list.

Worldwide Soldiers will update this week all of the pages that are missing inclusive our supporting pages, top donators, wall of shame, servers, member pages.

Great news i've seen the addon for the first time and i'm just impressed about what i saw, the oppurtunity that we will have our own addon client is coming soon for members/admins of this community.

Since then we are planning to make custom scripts for our COD4 servers.
We will inform you all soon again when the website is (NEW) cause all the updates will make a long list what we need to do!

Have Fun on our website!
[Image: wslogo2015.png]
Feel free to apply on our gaming community!

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