[READ THIS] Unban Request
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[READ THIS] Unban Request
Applies are only being reviewed if your appellation is polite, same as your actions!

You can ask for 2nd chance here for small reasons such as (glitching, swearing etc.). Cheaters are never unbanned!

To get unbanned follow these steps:

1. Make a thread titled with your nick and reason e.g Breez Glitching
2. In the thread, fill out the following form:

IP Adress:
Why you should get unbanned?:


Attach the proof or  demo file if you have it, upload it to a file-hosting website such as mediafire.

3. Wait, you apply will be reviewed and you will be informed have you been unbanned or not in this thread.

Good luck! Keep patient!
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Feel free to apply on our gaming community!

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