Breez is the name
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Breez is the name
Welcome to my introduction, first take some coffee, candy or cookies and take the time to read my story.

My name is Michael Gramberg owner and founder of Worldwide Soldiers, i've been born in Lelystad a place in the "Netherlands" or country called "Holland" how you like to prefer it.

I have a 1 year younger brother who likes to play race games and who likes to build model trucks/cars famous from television.

I'm more the MMO gamer,  that likes to play world of warcraft, star wars and a few games like call of duty, gta 5, battlefield, medal of honor, splintercell, and other consoles like xbox and playstation.

In my free time you can find my in my greenhouse in the garden or in my room where my fish tanks are.

My hobby's are: creating games, little bit of webdesigning, streaming video/music playing games and making friends.

My favorite food is: everything, just imagine liking asian food, african food, german food, just like to challenge for new things.

If you like to add me on facebook just ask me via private message or contact via the website.
[Image: wslogo2015.png]
Feel free to apply on our gaming community!

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